Frame Goodies Variable Packs

From time to time, every FrameMaker user has need for one or more special character, symbol, or glyph, especially when writing documentation. The help text indicates FM’s ability to understand Unicode (, but searching through the Unicode library is time consuming and not every item displays in FrameMaker.

Also, once you find the proper item, how do you use it? The Frame Goodies Variable Packs make it easy. The packs are FrameMaker files (.fm extensions) you can use to import pre-built variables into your working FM document variables panel, so they are always accessible. See an example below.

Numbers Inside Circles

Until October 15, 2020, these are free. Pick one or more Variable Packs and use the Frame Goodies: Order Form to get yours today.

When ordering a Variable Pack please specify whether you want it for either: 

  • FrameMaker 15 (2019)
  • FrameMaker 16 (2020)

Please see the samples page for the current selections.


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