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  • FrameMaker 15 (2019)
  • FrameMaker MIF (7.0)
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF
Up, Down, Left, Right, Diagonal, and Multi-Directional

Comprehensive Arrows: Based on the Cambria font, this is a plethora of arrow styles.

Comprehensive Arrows
Comprehensive Arrows
Currency: Symbols and signs for international currency.
Currency variables (Unicode) for Adobe FrameMaker - Table Graphic
Currency – FrameMaker Variables
The Basics:
Check Boxes, Daggers, Copyright, Trademark, Service Mark, Greek Symbols, Mathematics and Engineering Starters

The Basics
Geometric Shapes: Circles, Squares, Triangles, Black & White, with Lines, Partial Shapes, and more.

Geometric Shapes Image
Geometric Shapes
Numbers in Circles: Black on White and White on Black Filled Circles

Numbers in Circles
Circled Alphabet: Upper and lower case Latin alphabet enclosed in circles.
Circled Alphabet Symbols
Circled Alphabet
Comprehensive: More Greek Symbols, Mathematical Operators, Simple Arrows

Comprehensive Glyph Pack
Engineers Compendium: Glyphs and Symbols for Angles, Equal, Not Equal, Proportional, etc.

Engineer's Compendium
Engineer’s Compendium
Icon Assortment: A healthy collection of icons including astrology, crosses, and pointing fingers.
Icon Assortment Graphic
Icon Assortment Variables
Icon Assortment #2: Music, Cards, Dice, Recycling, and Chess Symbols

Icon Assortment #2 Graphic
Icon Assortment #2
Fractions: Basic Fractions

Mishmash: Greek Symbols, Currency – A Little of This and That

Mishmash Selections
Symbols ANSI/ASCII: A Short Collection of Non-Unicode Symbols.